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Guledgudda Weaves

The markets are flooded with machine-made, synthetic look-alikes.

We, however, strive to remain as true to our roots as possible by using traditional methods and natural fibres. 


The Story

Holi, the festival of colours, begins with a bonfire. This fire is known to signify the victory of good over evil. Earlier this year, the weavers of Guledgudda wanted to burn their rusting looms in this fire. Ironic, considering these very looms produced vibrant and stunningly intricate Khana blouse pieces. 
Known not just for their unique motifs and traditional wisdom, this town was also home to dyers and other artisans with specialised knowledge and skills of the intricacies of the loom. According to the local lores, this town had such a rich weaving tradition that indigo cakes were sold on pushcarts. Today, as with other crafts across the country, Guledgudda has only a handful of weavers left. Most of them have either given up the trade for the comforts of the city or have switched to power loom.



Contact Us

If you would like to buy Khana Weaves products, Please take a look at the Khana Blouses Page, Ilkal Sarees Page and Khana Diaries Page  . You can select the design you like and contact Ramesh for the purchase. 

Ramesh is coordinating these efforts and he can be reached on +918867227542 / Whatsapp - 

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