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Ilkal Sarees

The history of Ilkal Sarees can be traced back to 600 AD and it continues to be woven, worn and celebrated even today. Ilkal sarees are a staple wear of the women of North Karnataka. The name Karnataka comes from black cotton soil on which cotton is grown, to make these sarees. 
With over a 1,000 year history, the weave has gone through several changes. The goddesses have adorned the weave, several royal seamstresses and weavers have changed the design palette, hundreds of dark colours have been tried. Lakhs and lakhs of women have draped the saree. This weave is so soft that pre-worn Ilkal sarees are often used a soft bedding for new born babies, to cradle them to sleep. Such is the versatility of the weave. 

Why Illkal Sarees? 

The markets are flooded with machine-made, synthetic look-alikes. We, however, strive to remain as true to our roots as possible by using traditional methods and natural fibres. That is why, our sarees are made of cotton and only a little viscose goes into the making of the borders. The characteristic pallu is made from pure silk.

How To Buy?

 You can select the design you like, download the image or share the image number and contact Ramesh for the purchase. Ramesh is coordinating these efforts and he can be reached on +918867227542 / Whatsapp -  

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