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Khana Diaries

Our recent creative expression are these beautiful diaries bound in Khana fabric. 
Each diary is a unique one, as it expresses itself through the weave,  the two toned color, the vitality and exuberance that the patterns and motifs exhibit. 
The diary is sure to tell its own story and here to listen to yours as well with all its presence.
The Khana fabric suffused with creative energy of the artisan, gently flows and is here to evoke the creative flow in you.

About Khana Fabric Weave

Khana is woven with a very distinct pattern in brocade that resembles a honeycomb. The fabric is always in a two coloured tone. The border is always in contrast with the body. The patterns have been inspired by nature, stone architecture of Badami Caves, Hindu mythology and folk art. Motifs of flowers, plants, the sun, moon, stars, and animals are widely used in the design pallet making the khana fabric very artistic and intricate.

How To Buy?

 You can select the Khana diary you like, download the image or share the image number and contact Ramesh for the purchase. Ramesh is coordinating these efforts and he can be reached on +918867227542 / Whatsapp -  

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