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Guledgudda Khana Blouses

Brocade .  Two Colored Tone .  Nature Motifs

Guledgudda Khana is one of its kind. No other weave in the rich history of Indian textiles has been woven only for a blouse. 
The Khana was first woven during the end of the 16th Century as a blouse accessory for the resplendent Ilkal sarees. Today, people have found innovative ways to repurpose the versatile Khana for cushion covers, handbags, and even in jewellery. 
Khana is woven with a very distinct pattern in brocade that resembles a honeycomb. The fabric is always in a two coloured tone. The border is always in contrast with the body. The patterns have been inspired by nature, stone architecture of Badami Caves, Hindu mythology and folk art. Motifs of flowers, plants, the sun, moon, stars, and animals are widely used in the design pallet making the khana blouse very artistic and intricate.

Why Guledgudda Khana? 

The markets are flooded with machine-made, synthetic look-alikes. We, however, strive to remain as true to our roots as possible by using traditional methods and natural fibres. That is why, our Khanas are made of pure silk in the warp and cotton in the weft. 

How To Buy ?

 You can select the design you like, download the image and contact Ramesh for the purchase. Ramesh is coordinating these efforts and he can be reached on +918867227542 / Whatsapp -  

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